Academia, long-distance running, and other daily haikus.

Yale Tour Guide

by Emily H.

A voice as grating,
Reaching through the library walls,
Mandates a study break.

This penguin is so much cuter than her voice.



by Emily H.

“Unfortunately, the gods
of the change universe
are not so kind or considerate.”*

1. There is a “change universe.”                                       2. It has “gods.”                                                               Ergo: “Release the Kraken.”

*J. Steward Black and Hal B. Gregersen, It Starts with One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations, 2nd edn. (Pearson, 2008), p. 5.



July Fourth

by Emily H.

Perhaps a smidge of trespassing…
But fireworks are always
Worth climbing on others’ rooftops.

Torture in the Library

by Emily H.

Watching Deutschland snatch a win
Or loss? or win? Near
Impossible to stay silent.


C-School vs. Y-School, Part 1

by Emily H.

Y-School Librarian
Palms each book one at a time
Like a precious gem.

C-School Librarian
You know the one — gloved, abrupt —
Swipes, clicks, dumps, throws, done.

All hallowed.

On Balaton

by Emily H.

– 1 big, blue, luke lake
– 1 room in a historic manse,
with A/C… priceless.

Posting this from the courtyard of the Gombas Mension at dusk.

Haiku to Bridges

by Emily H.

Not a metaphor.
Really — there are lots; they seem
More uphill than down.

Chain Bridge, Budapest

On the banks of the mighty mighty Duna

by Emily H.

Day four, Komárom,
After rutted roads, tired legs
Love a thermal bath.

Mmmm…smells like sulfur.


by Emily H.

“Köszönöm” is all
I know to say: for good paths
My bum says “Thanks guys.”

We didn’t take pictures of the dirt roads…


How we ended up in Pressburg

by Emily H.

We need an update.
First we got married — in Boston,
Then Home (Big Apple), briefly,

Dann mit’m Flug nach Wien,
Mélange, Wienerschnitzel (doch),
Könnten nicht wach bleiben…

[Then plane to Vienna,
Melange, Wienerschnitzel (yes),
We couldn’t stay awake…]

Now Bratislava,
Long word, small medieval city,
By way of fields, bike.



Hainburg, Austrian bordertown.