Academia, long-distance running, and other daily haikus.

Month: April, 2012

Two weeks post-Boston (sandal season)

by julbuggy

Toenails are lilac,
‘cuz I painted them that way.
Stop looking so close.




by Emily H.

With love and cake and
The very best of friends and — I admit it —
Some pretty rockin’ swag.

Thanks for a wonderful day!!

Climbing Relationships

by Emily H.

Sometimes when climbing,
I think that instead of “I do,”
I’ll yell, “Take! Jeez, Erik, take!”

Is this one on?

Untitled, by Jarret Izzo

by Emily H.

corkscrew in hand
and the wine is now open
no writing tonight

dissertation falls.
pages like dainty snowflakes
scatter in the wind

no time for flowers
dalloway and her sweet life
she had it easy

What modernisms?
You mean there’s more than one?
I love undergrads.

new thesis topic:
New Historicism and
Steve Greenblatt’s Sex Life

riverrun, past Eve
and Adam’s, from swerve of shore…
Joyce was always drunk.


by Emily H.

Hangover vs.
Dissertation writing:
Score 1 for Hangover.

Uncharted Waters: Beyond Butler

by Emily H.

I know Woolf’s call number
By heart: PS6045. Still,
Avery frightens me.

ND stacks anyone?

What Crazy Thinks Like, #1

by Emily H.

If I race a 5k
On my wedding morning, should I
Run ten more after that?

complexes (inferior/superior)

by julbuggy

Business school students
Sweaters on their shoulders—pink
I think I hate them.

sure i’ll read your draft

by julbuggy

all part of my dark
plan. to get you a job. so
you can buy me drinks.

Rain and Punishment

by Emily H.

Ran in the mist today,
Chilly valleys, warm ascents,
Then Scoots got a bath.

wet Scoots refuses to make eye contact